Since our inception, we pride ourselves in the works we do for our artists. Our success lies in the success of our artists. We pledge to make life in the music business easier for our artists. Keeping in mind about the goals of our artists, we offer projects that would advance their music career. We are open for artist booking for events, gigs, live performances, and other projects as well. To book, feel free to reach us through any platform. We would love to serve you.

Brilliant audio is always at the heart of any piece of music. Mastering in audio production isn’t just about an in-depth knowledge of recording technology but it’s about feeling the emotions that help you get a finished product with the highest quality sound design. To craft our finest recording possible, we offer vital arranging and experienced direction for each new music releases. With our industry’s high-level music experience, we help you plan and record your entire project to achieve the maximum potential. Our passion and attention to detail are reflected in the audio production services we deliver to our clients.

Want to create beautiful digital storytelling for your song? Stereo Records is the perfect place to get your job done. Give your viewers an interesting story to watch for. Our talented video production crew specializes in producing a creative and effective video for your song and capturing live performances as well. We are devoted to offer excellent results to you through cost-effective campaigns. In recent years, we have worked with leading and established artists of the Nepali music industry. Who knows you might be the next?

Facebook is by far the biggest social networking platform in existence. Facebook has undoubtedly become the most prominent platform for building a strong band image. Being on Facebook itself means competing with hundreds of competitors. So, what should you do? To stand out, you will need to build a stronger connection among your fan base. With our effective Facebook content marketing strategies, you can rule over the most dominant player of today’s social media world. Gaining access to wide groups of fans can possibly benefit to be the viewers of your music.

It’s no surprise that YouTube is the internet’s second largest search engine. For a music artist/band, one of the most important parts for success today is the popularity on YouTube. More than just creating great music, it’s equally crucial for any artist to promote it on the world’s largest music streaming platform. Beyond just simply being a video platform, YouTube is the right step to skyrocket your music career. We expertise in promoting your music through YouTube and get you the viewers to make them your fans.

Social media is undoubtedly the most effective way of interacting with your audience directly. Keeping up updates with your fans and allowing them to share your life can help to sustain your followers. However, we understand that the major focus of an artist should be on creating great music rather than being a social media managing expert. On account of that, we help you manage your social media on your behalf. We expertise in developing content strategies, creating engaging content that your viewers love, building a professional page, scheduling regular posts, and finding out possible ways to keep your fans hooked.

Since we are all aware of how much impactful is the power of social media, it’s no secret that you can build your fan base through utilizing social media ads. Branding your image in social media as a musician is not so easy, especially when the competition out there is rampant. Social media branding is all about defining what you stand for and to aware your audience about the same. It’s trickier. But, joining hands with our experts who know how to combine all the puzzles perfectly, you can see your brand image scale up and there’s no looking back.

In today’s evolving music industry, producing a piece of great music is not enough. If your audiences are unaware that you exist, even a great piece of work would not help. For artists and bands at any point in their career, our professional team promotes their music to the widest audience possible allowing them to get the recognition they deserve. Ranging from creating an impressive website to promoting tours, you can reach out to your targeted audience. The more people listen to your music, the greater the chance they’ll be converted into your fans.

Preparing for your stardom? Let us manage it for you. Whether it’s arranging day-to-day schedules, setting up meetings, arranging events or maintaining strong PR and networks, assisting you is the service we have been successfully providing to our new and established artists/ bands for years. Together, we can assist you in reaching your dream through the projects that perfectly align with your goals. Being in the music industry for years, our experts can offer you the most appropriate strategy and advice. Our industry networks provide you with the right tool required for you to enter into the right door of opportunity.

Great content is meant to be shared. Let the world hear and groove with your music. A seamless distribution network is the one you need to be recognized for your work. Using our industry connections, we market your music through varies of channels and take responsibility to distribute among the targeted audience. Without limiting ourselves from producing and managing artists or bands, we help independent artists gain visibility in every corner of the country and among the global audience by spreading the word about their music worldwide.

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